Embrace Room

Embrace is a local charity which supports parents and carers of premature babies at East Surrey Hospital in Redhill. The hospital had offered them a 3x3m internal storeroom as space to create a family room for the Neonatal unit. We saw an Instagram post from the charity and immediately offered our services for this amazing project.

The key brief from the charity was to create a space to allow parents to step away from the clinical environment of the Neonatal unit and take a moment to ‘catch their breath’! It also needed to include a kitchenette, storage, seating, bookshelves, a television and space for other family members (usually older siblings) to relax while in the hospital. All this in a 3x3m room with no natural light!

The Embrace Room as East Surrey Hospital is a warm, inviting, cosy space that feels more like a home from home than a room in a hospital. This space has been warmly received by parents and staff alike and provides a much-needed place of comfort for all who use it. It also allows Embrace to continue their amazing work supporting people in their hour of need.

Location  East Surrey Hospital

Embrace (charity) &

The SASH Charity

Total value Undisclosed
Status Completed
Photography Will Scott
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